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The real flex is healing yourself without becoming like those who traumatized you.

~AfroCentric Love

Parents, Leaders,Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Sexual Healers

Lane & Kendall Strahan have been married for 23 years and counting now. They met in middle school and dated all through out high school. The road to a successful marriage was not an easy one but they had passion for each other that outweighed the struggles that came with being in a relationship. Both Kendall & Lane love to give back by helping others that are searching for a different approach to healing. Counseling many single and married couples, both Kendall & Lane advocate for plant medicine and all it has to offer. Lane has over 900 hours of botanical medicine education while obtaining over 1700 hours in a herbal medicine course. 


Kendall is an artist & tattoo artist by trade and both own and operate their Apothecary store. Lane is a Sound Bowl Healer and plays for a few Yoga Studios in her surrounding area. Although their Holistic Journey started over three years ago, the knowledge gained is enough to introduce people to this lifestyle. This journey may not be for everyone, but with a community of light workers searching to find their true north, Kendall & Lane will help guide the way.

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