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Courses Taken in~ 2020-2021
  • A History of Native American Herbal Medicine

  • A History of Black Herbal Medicine from Africa to North America 

  •  Connecting With Your Own Herbal Lineage & Honoring Other Traditions 

  • Black Herbal Elders 

Courses Taken in ~2018~2020
  • Holistic strategies to work with herbs and holistic strategies to manage pain - whether it's an acute situation from an injury or a chronic condition.

  • How Pain Works 

  • Herbal Actions for Pain Management 

  • Choosing the Right Herbs

National Sex Therapy Institute (Houston Texas) 2014-2016
Courses Taken

520 hours of Human Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy Training -

  • Sex Therapy Supervision

  • Sex Therapy Internship @ Heights Family Counseling

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